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Tee Time Reservation System by Chelsea

Times are changing in the golf industry and Chelsea has seen and adjusted to a lot of changes over our 20+ years. Today, golfers are looking for instant access to the tee sheet via the Internet and Touch Tone Telephone (IVR) interfaces. Golf course owners and managers are looking for ways to control IT cost and payroll. Chelsea's Tee Time Reservation system answers both of these questions with the most robust, real time system available to the golfer while maintaining the lowest cost of ownership in the industry for the golf course owner and manager.

The system provides the golfer with 24x7x365 access with intuitive and easy to navigate internet screens with functions like "Buddy List", event signup, group play and real time tee sheets and alpha reports. If the golfer doesn't have internet access, the integrated Touch Tone Telephone system provides real time access to the tee sheet via simple to follow verbal prompts. Each prompt is answered by depressing the buttons on the telephone keypad as instructed.

The golf staff is no longer tied to the telephone performing mundane tasks such as reminding golfers of their assigned tee times, dress code, course fees and directions, or booking tee times in a frenzy, first thing in the morning. The golf staff is freed up to conduct profitable business activities like checking golfers in, selling merchandise or giving lessons. Because the golf staff is no longer being interrupted with an endless number of telephone calls, many golf courses receive the unintentional benefit of better face to face customer service. The golfer making the tee time reservation is no longer being placed on hold while the staff works with another customer.


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